Brick Patios / Pavers

Brick / Pavers Patio
If you are completing new construction, or have decided to raise the level of entertaining elegance in your existing backyard, there’s nothing like a brick patio to enhance the beauty and versatility of your property. Central Landscaping has a number of years experience in installing brick patios of all types.

Design: Whatever the composition or colour of your brick is, the weight of it in a load mounts rapidly and where you want to have your brick patio sited is going to require some forethought. First, wherever the brick is going to be laid needs to have soil compaction and leveling. You don’t want to be facing a situation where your custom brick barbecue begins sinking into a part of your lawn. That’s why we take pride in the amount of prep work we will put into your brick patio. You will appreciate how precisely level everything is and how none of the bricks will feel loose, or “raised.”